Huike-Tongchuang Survival Tool Card: 29 in 1 Survival Card.Multi tool card,Stainless Steel Survival tool card, Great for…


MULTIPLE TOOLS FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE- 29 multifunctional uses on 1 Wallet Sized Multitool Card! This fisherman survival card has 29 tools for you to catch and clean fish on your next adventure. Survival Card Emergency Multitool has Multipurpose: :Choose from 16 Single Hooks (Medium and Large),4 double hooks, the Trident ,Snare Locks ,Sewing Needles and Tweezers.These combination tools are ideal for multiple occasions, allowing you to enjoy the wild adventure life.
EASILY STORED AND CARRIED- Survival Cards are no bigger than the size of a credit card and weigh only 16 grams or less Use the case included to store your mini survival card after that amazing catch quickly. Place this portable survival card in your pocket or backpack so take it with you on your next trip to the outdoors.